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Fan Fic

here's a Charlie/Shannon fanfiction, not that good but hey I wrote it in like 5 minutes so give me a break :P.

Title: Sorry

Author: Amber

Rating: G

Disclaimer: If Lost was myne don't you think Charlie and Shannon would be together by now?

She was sorry.

It was simple as that, nothing turned out like it should have and she was honest to god sorry for it. Shannon never meant to hurt him, couldn't he see the shocked look on her face? But he would only believe Boone the better sibling. It made her mad that her brother had done that, as if he knew what she was doing. Sure most of the time he was right but this was the one time he wasn't. He ruined it all with those simple words of accusation and now she was sure Charlie hated her.

Naturally it didn't surprise her that he was hanging around the pregnant lady, why shouldn't he? Claire had never "used" him like she had. It didn't stop the pang of jealousy though, that simple hurt that started in your heart and you couldn't get rid of. But Shannon could move on she had done it before, but she had never really felt something for a person before. It was okay though, there were always other guys on this island to fall for other guys that turned thier heads when she walked by.

She hated being sorry.
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