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1 2 3! *HEADDESK*

Hey dude! Yes this community is dead. Charlie/Claireness has been all over our LOST screens we can't really stop it. I'm going to join the Charlie/Claire community. NOT because I support the ship, but because I think it will happen, but once its down, I can get everyone over here. heh. I'll try to get people from the forum here.
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    annoyed How dare LOST be cancelled...

It's dead isn't it.......

This community is dying everyone.....I hate to admit it but Shannon/Charlie is no match for Charlie/Claire.

People start posting please I haven't read a Shannon/Charlie fanfiction well ever.....and there are no icons out there can't you get your creative juices to flow? I don't want to lose my main OTP guys.


Your loving mod
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Woo! I found the pencil!!

I found the pencil :) Anyway, I'm an avid supporter of this ship!! Woot!! Anybody who thinks Druggie+Pregant woman= LOVE is seriously messed up in the head :)

I need a program for avatars but I can't find them so, ya, it sucks lol. Anybody found one off the internet?
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Uh guys.........did we die? Come on I know you guys can talk *nudges*

Anyway I have a question for anyone out there.

Does anyone know how to make lj layouts?

If anybody can I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me out with the community layout cause I know it isn't spiffy (did I just say that o_O)

Please if you at least know someone who can help comment here or send me an email whatever it doesn't matter but I could really use your help :)
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Welcome ^_^

Welcome to a community dedicated to the couple Shannon and Charlie from LOST. This is the first post of what I'm hoping to be a talkative community with many members. If your a fan of this ship plese feel free to join and show your love for these two.

*****Sometime in the future if we get enough members I may need a moderator so if anybody is interested please keep an eye out ;)*****
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